2019 been characterised by fewer and better no wagering casinos, with more game providers and an increasing amount of cashback casinos such as Wazamba that’s available in 15 languages and the beautiful designed Zenspin. Along with that, more and more lower casino wagers are expected on an increasing number of sites. But we also notice an increasing number of online casinos in 2019 trying to sneak in high wagers in the middle of bonus – such as free spins with 50x or the bonus amount with ridiculous difficult wager requirement. We believe the trend will continue among all and in particular among no wagering casinos in 2020. That’s why you always should come to us at No Wagering Casino in order to discover the biggest bonus traps (listed in all reviews) and find out the real bonuses. Here are the most clear trends we spotted among non wagering fans that refined their search.

1. Wagers will be lower, and higher

The variation from real low wagering casinos up to the ones for beginners that are clueless about wagers, will increase. Between 10-25 new no wagering casino sites will launch in 2020 according to our expert Julian Moses at All Cashback Casino. In average we estimate that wagers will decrease from 38x in average to about 36 times during 2020. Marian from Piggy Bang warns that “anything can change” in 2020 and we surely agree. Even if No Wagering Casinos believe that licenses in additional European markets is the main factor changing the casino business during 2020. What do you think will be the biggest change? If case you are not sure why to select a no wagering site, here are 10 reasons.

5G Worldwide Rollout

2. 5G rolls out in many parts of the world

The rollout of 5G already started 9 months ago in South Korea and 5 months ago it went live in Moscow, according to Ericsson. Since this autumn, 50 major cities in China already have excellent 5G coverage and they are about to roll out the world’s largest 5G network, The Chinese State Council reports. By 2025, there will be around 460 million 5G users in China.

A couple of networks also started to roll out 5G in the UK, starting with Vodafone that’s now available in 15 major towns and EE which got 8 cities connected already. 3 (Three) claims to be “building the UK’s fastest 5G network” which is live in 24 locations, but like all their peers they are worried to write anything “substantial” about the actual speed. So in reality, it might be 50 MB/sec or 1GB/sec, nobody knows. Deutsche Telecom launched Germany’s first 5G network in Berlin, Frankfurt and Bonn during the summer of 2019 and will continue with M羹nchen, Hamburg, Darmstadt and Leipzig followed by an additional 20 cities in Germany in 2020. Switzerland already got 5G in 54 town around the country.

What is 5G?

The 5th generation of mobile internet is now here. 5G is mainly in the 24 GHz range or above, so they use a higher frequencies than previous networks. The new generation of mobile networks are supposed to be at least 100 times quicker than 4G, but without any mobile phone providers promoting any types of minimum speed, it’s hard to believe just yet.

What are the risks with 5G?

An increasing number of reports are going around that 5G might be harmful or even a health risk. RadiationHealthRisks.com mention that the higher frequency of 5G will be more dangerous to humans than any earlier technological solution. According to Dr. ORielly, 5G could pose a risk to your dental health. 1000’s of independent studies find that wireless radiation could cause biological harm. That’s why the 5G Crisis Summit discuss awareness and accountability for the new networks that will be live by 2020 in most European countries. The biggest looser from might be Apple, since none of their present mobiles are available with 5G coverage and millions of new smartphones are sold every month from other providers, such as Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 ThinQ, Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro and ONEPLUS 7 PRO 5G. Unless iPhone 12 comes out sooner than expected, Apple might be in for a cold shower regarding their sales in 2020, since over 10 competitors already have 5G phones available.

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NOTE: Winz does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

How fast is your mobile broadband speed?

There are many sites to test your broadband speed, both for mobiles and computers. Here are our three favourites in order to get a quick and accurate test result:
1. Fast.com quickly shows your approximate internet speed.
2. Speedtest.net by Ookla.
3. 5G Speed test by Red Mango on iOS App Store.

Note: We don’t recommend Speedof.me since it’s very slow and inaccurate in their measurements, partly due to not using servers in the relevant country where you might be based.

3. New payment methods

Payment methods for online casinos can always make a huge difference. Since many operators got a huge range of alternatives, it might not be such a huge difference going into 2020. But in the end of this year, Facebook might be able to launch their a new currency which might seriously change how payments are made. Even if many are against Libra, it’s probably unavoidable that it goes live if not by the end of 2020 at least in the beginning of 2021.

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Union Jack - UK's flag

4. More countries, more bonuses – GEO IP?

All visitors coming into No Wagering Casinos will be meet with localised results thanks to GEO IP filters. If you come from Sweden, you will see only sites available to Swedes. In case you arrive from the UK, only no wagering casinos accepting Brits will be shown for you. Same is true if you come from any other country or region. However, in case you are shown sites that might be irrelevant due to using a VPN, please go into the country toplist where specific counties are listed.

5. Cashback is king

Frequent players will probably be happy that a large number of new cashback casinos are expected for 2020. Some of the best available right now that we have made in-depth review about include but are not limited to Piggy Bang, the clear statement from No Bonus Casino (that only give cashbacks) and the hyper modern Scatters with money-back guarantee (eg. get a 25 risk free 1st deposit bonus) for new players. Our expectation is that another 15-20 new casino sites with cashback offers goes live before year end 2020.

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