No Wagering Casino had the pleasure to get some minutes with Marian Melinte, Head of Acquisition at GoWild. He been with the company for almost 7 years and oversees Piggy Bang, a new kind of online casino without any tricky terms and with no fine print you have to read. All their bonuses are fair, to say the least, and comes with no wagering requirements on the bonuses. In fact, their entire bonus system works similar to a piggy bank, hence their name.

You save up money in your own piggy bank and get take our money when it suits you. Frequently players can enjoy 100’s of Euros every month to enjoy on Piggy Bang. Awesome for frequent casino players. Ok, perhaps you need to know a bit more about how it works. Let’s ask some questions to Marian in our latest no wagering casino interview..

Broken Buggy Bank with Euros all around
1. Piggy Bang is cool and memorable brand. You get in good mood by just seeing the pig and all the rewards given out. Can you explain how you guys came up with the brand character?
Reply: Yes, Piggy Bang is memorable. And not just for its name! The idea behind the brand is the classic Piggy Bank, where one places his savings. Since we give cash back on every bet a player makes, no matter the outcome, it comes as a natural fit to call our online casino Piggy Bang. We’re putting cash back in your Piggy Bank, with a Bang! No wagering requirements, no sticky bonuses, no small prints and most of all, no restrictions!

2. Wager free casinos are becoming increasingly popular the last two years. Is that a reason why you entered this segment? Or what is so unique about Piggy Bang?
Answer: The idea is to have an alternative for the players who don’t like the usual casino bonuses and all the conditions that come with them. Piggy Bang also offers cash back on every bet, no matter the outcome and still, no wagering requirements, like we’ve previously mentioned. Add all this to the unique user experience GoWild brands got players used to and you have a recipe for success.

Piggy Bang logo

" On Piggy Bang, you get cashback on every bet and 110 wagerless spins on 1st deposit!"

NOTE: Piggy Bang does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

3. How difficult has it been setting up a “fair” no wagering casino with no bullshit? Is it anything else you guys are “missing”?
Reply: It’s always challenging to successfully launch a niche product and you can be sure that we poured all our creativity and soul into this endeavour. There’s one BIG thing we are missing… the small print for the bonuses 😊

Reply by No Wagering Casino: Hehe, that’s a good one! We all hate the small print.

4. Currently, there are over 1800 slots and a lot of table games and live casino offers at Piggy Bang. Have you got any favourite games or developers yourself?
Answer: Every provider has its own unique and beloved games. This is why we can’t choose sides. But what we can do is to say that our favourite casino game developers are the ones that always offer special promos to our players, and the games we like the most are usually set by the numbers of users who play on each particular slot.

If our players vouch for a game, that’s good enough for us. We respect our players’ choices and we go out of our way to brining them more and more games that are similar to what they like.

Cashback on computer
5. You guys offer “money back on every bet, no matter what”. Can you explain a bit how that works with the Piggy Bank, why it’s so lucrative and the main benefits to go with Piggy Bang instead of another no wagering online casino?
Reply: No matter the outcome, that means win, lose, or draw, players will receive a percentage of their bet back into their Piggy Bank (which will automatically be created for them, upon registration). The percentage they will receive differs from game to game, and that will be highlighted for each game in part, so players will always know just how much they are getting back into their accounts.
With the “coins” or “notes” located in their Piggy Bank, players can do whatever they want. They can convert them to cash and then spend them, or cash them out, with no wagering requirements whatsoever, no sticky bonuses, no small prints and most of all, NO RESTRICTIONS! That’s what sets Piggy Bang apart from other no wagering cashback casinos, says Marian Melinte. And we’re going to stay ahead of the curve with even more spectacular features. But more on that next time, as we are currently in the development phase of some revolutionary features.

6. Would you ever offer any no deposit free spins or just to a few selected countries?
Answer: We never say no to any idea, but I can confirm that currently we are not looking into this with priority, as people seem to embrace the Piggy Bang style of playing more and more. And these are the numbers talking, not just me.
We do offer freebies and chip drops for our existing players, along with several weekly promos just to make sure that we’re always keeping our players entertained, in a fun and exciting environment. That’s a big part of our way of doing things.

7. Are your players clearly aware about how Piggy Bank works? Please explain a bit to our visitors about the unique advantages with your little pig and his features.
Reply: Piggy Bang Casino has no wagering requirements, no sticky bonuses, no small prints. Basically, no funny business!
Everything’s straight forward and players can enjoy playing without bonuses. All wins are paid in real cash! Casinos have an average payout rate of 97%, while Piggy Bang has a 97,5% payout rate (due to the cashback on every bet), meaning that the extra percent goes straight into your Piggy Bank. Piggy Bang represents the new wave of online casinos, where players can enjoy their same exact favourite games and get money back on each bet they place, no matter the outcome.

Piggy Bang logo

" On Piggy Bang, you get cashback on every bet and 110 wagerless spins on 1st deposit!"

NOTE: Piggy Bang does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

8. What can long term and really loyal players expect from Piggy Bang if they become VIPs?
Answer: Our players’ loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed and unrewarded. We change our loyal players’ status to VIP Player, and from here, the sky is basically the limit. Our VIPs enjoy an upgraded experience. They’ll benefit from a more personal touch with a private account manager who will make sure that their experience stays top notch. Besides our no bonus restrictions policy, special VIP perks also include faster withdrawals and custom-tailored deals based on each player’s preferences.

It pays to be loyal. It actually pays in real cash.

9. What was your biggest winner so far in 2018 and 2019?
Reply: In the few months of Piggy Bang operating on the market, we’ve had payers winning anywhere from $5 to $142,000.
At the end of the day it’s a matter of luck, but what’s a proven fact is that any game you play on any other online casino, at Piggy Bang you’ll also get a little something extra, even if you win on your bet. So, you’re basically getting more, playing the exact same game you would play somewhere else.

10. Do Piggy Bang have any tournaments or other activities to attract new customers?
Answer: Piggy Bang prides itself as being full of surprises. This is why we even decided to turn the holiday of Christmas into a month-long campaign, meaning that players will receive a special gift every day this December, as part of our Xmas Giftmania campaign. Each day will reveal a new special gift, a special offer, for players who choose to play on Piggy Bang. And besides all this, we still have our ongoing welcome bonus and weekly campaigns, and we’re delivering special deals to our players with each imaginable occasion known to man.
Yes, we do go the extra length, because this is the only way to succeed in a fast-paced and competitive environment, such as the iGaming industry presents itself at the moment. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

11. How do you think the market for cashback and no wagering casinos will develop in 2020? Will any regulations affect operators already next year?
Reply: No wagering is attractive for players, and this is a fact proven by the growing number of new players we are greeting daily. This makes us really optimistic for the future, as Piggy Bang is quickly establishing itself as a key player in the no wagering casinos world.
The niche is growing and this model is easier to operate in regulated markets. If there’s anything certain about future regulations, that’s the fact that more and more regions will be subjected to stricter legislation, so having every little aspect of your business as up to date as possible is always a must.
We think that no wagering casinos will slowly develop and gain a larger piece of the market, if not in 2020, than certainly in the upcoming couple of years.
We’re not sure about future regulations, but then again, no one is. Everything can change in 2020, but no matter the changes, we have over 11 years of experience as GoWild Gaming behind, so we are prepared for new challenges.

12. Will you guys been trying to get a UK or US license in the near future? We find it would be great to be able to show a top brand like yours on other markets!
Answer: We are always researching new markets and the possibilities of expanding into new regions is a top priority for us. We are paying close attention to how the US market is developing and we’ll just have to wait and see how the legal situation will evolve in the following months and years.

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