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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The team behind No Wagering Casinos ensure that both your private and personal information is shielded. This is of an essential priority that is taken seriously. All collected data, which in fact is way less than most other sites, will be stored in safe and secure manner and no outside consultants and partners will be granted access. The policy below outlines and clearly describe how we handle and protect the information given to us.

When going through our site and signing up to the newsletter, you let use your supplied information. We will only use this info for enhancement and development of your personal experience on our website. It is important to know that we only let third parties that are GDPR compliant handle the data which you give us.
Whilst the provided data is stored under our companys name, nothing from the private information given out is stored with us directly. We do not own all servers used for storing all data. Rather, we rents these services from a third party who is responsible for this. We pay extra for protection to keep every file submitted safe.

What personal data do we collect and why is it collected?

When visiting our site and signing up to our newsletter at, you permit us in the following:
The information with regards to your visits to the website. This may include browsing history, traffic data, location, and further data that include your interaction with No Wagering Casino.
The personal details provided when signing up to the newsletter. This most likely include your name and email address. Remember that you are freely giving this information to be able to take full advantage of the features offered by our website, such as unique and exclusive bonuses or being first to know about low wagering offers at online casinos.

The data may be collected from various competitions and surveys through both the website and the email address provided. This information may be used to create and improve relevant content to fit your needs. It may also be used as a reference to enhance our services further, giving more relevancy and further details you might be looking for.

Technical data including IP addresses or web browsers, neither of which we use directly but rather this data goes through our analytics services.

Data from newsletters and marketing, which includes any preferences you may have when it comes to getting marketing promotional materials from us or third parties.

Data security at No Wagering Casino has implemented all the necessary tools to guarantee your safety, while meeting all the GDPR requirements. We put into action the necessary technical, security and digital measures and use our IT teams to ensure this becomes a reality. We do everything in our power to ensure that our visitors are protected from the misuse, damage and loss of your information when you use

Disclosure of visitor’s personal data and information does not re-sell or trade any information that we have collected through this website. If we do, it is only done when you permit us or with exceptions such as the following:

If trusted third parties provide this information where there are confidentiality agreements in place. These third parties cannot reuse or give away any of your information. Some samples of this type of company include for instance email sending services. In the instance of a third party breaking these rules, legal action will be taken against the offender. For advertising, might use data gathered to personalise campaign materials, thus assuming you have the requirements so that we can include you and has approval from you due to your interaction with our site.

No Wagering’s child protection policy

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Our website is developed with the protection of children in place. The website is using the British Gambling Commission’s regulations to prevent and not to attract minors into gambling. Any characters that might be deemed appealing to those under 18 will not be shown on the website to ensure child safety. is focused entirely on guiding 18+ citizens to gamble responsibly. We do not intend that any minors have access to our content and recommend parents to add additional security if needed. Additionally, we don’t take any responsibility for minors breaking the 18+ requirements clearly stated on our website. Eighteen is the legal age for gambling in Europe, and all our content is designed to be unappealing to visitors under this age.

Your rights and access to your data as a user of does not handle any real-money transactions between users and online casino sites. Our sole one and only purpose is to guide users to relevant games, payment providers, software developers and other websites that offer online gambling services. Any breach of laws, rules and regulations are solely the responsibility of the gaming operator and not on

As a member of No Wagering Casino, you have the right to:
Know when we collect and use personal data. If you have other questions, please kindly contact us directly.

Access your personal data that we collected.

Have inaccurate personal data be rectified or be completed if incomplete.

Erasure or the right to be forgotten according to GDPR article 17. Please keep in mind that such right is not absolute, and it only applies to certain situations.

Request to reduce or restrain the processing of your personal data. This is not an absolute right and only applies in certain circumstances.

Object to process your personal data in certain circumstances.

Ask us to transfer the information you gave us from one organisation to another or give it to you.

Any conflict between us, the operator, and the players should be solved between us with or without the involvement of the responsible local supervisory or license issuer. As a first instance, contact the operator since they handle and have access to way more data than our site. We encourage responsible gaming at all times. Any information on this website should be considered as advisory only.

International data transfers

No Wagering Casino may store your browser details, IP address, and the page you accessed and the time in a dedicated server that is secure. All companies used are GDPR compliant. We may store, transfer and process the information you provided to us in countries other than your own. Our servers are located in EU. If you access our website outside EU, you have to take note that your information may be stored, processed or transferred in our facilities and by third parties with whom we may share your information in another country.

Purpose and legal basis for processing

We rely on the legal basis using GDPR articles 6(1)(a) and 6(1)(f) and following the GDPR guidelines when we process personal data. We will only process your personal data when you give us consent to process your personal data for one or more specific purposes such providing you with the latest updates when you have consented to receive promotional materials or when processing is for the purposes of the legitimate interests such as providing continuous and flawless service to you (pursued by us or by a third party partners) except where such interests are overridden by your interests or fundamental rights.

Retention periods

We will only keep your information for as long as it is needed for the purposes laid out in this privacy policy except if a longer retention period is required or allowed by law. No purpose in this privacy policy requires us keeping your information longer than you have an account with us and have consented to receive promotional materials in relation to gambling or other activities.

Disclosure of third-party providers

We take data privacy seriously and will protect all the data that shared with us. We ensure that all third parties chosen by us protect user data. does not disclose, share, transfer or trade the provided personal data except to providers listed in this privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and conditions. However, we reserve the right in sharing data regarding the site usage, sales, traffic, and further statistical data about the site to these third-party providers, without revealing or disclosing the identity of our users.

We do not have any warranty against third parties using your information as we do not have control on that. Moreover, casino partners or other related companies received information from the site for business purposes. For example, newsletters that our site users opt to receive for promotional offers.

The very nature of the e-business industry requires partnering with third-party providers for our marketing services, analytics and email campaigns.

Data breach

When the personal data breach results in a high risk to your freedom and rights, we will communicate the personal data breach without undue delay. It never happened before and is not likely to happen since we have very limited data stored and the highest security possible.

Cookies uses authentication, tracking and traffic log cookies. Cookies will last on your hard drive for varying lengths of time, from as little as a minute to as long as a few months. However, it is important to note that users can block or delete cookies any time they want. (Instructions from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer).

This can be done by changing the privacy settings or through clearing the cookies in your web browser. These cookies on our website relate to the development of the site, the tools, and to optimise the experience of our users. Third parties store the collected information; these are those providers who respect legal requirements and are GDPR compliant.

Updated to the privacy policy

In the instance of there being changes made to the privacy policy, will notify and inform all users about the changes that have been made through the use of a prominent notice on the website.

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