No Wagering Casino are proud to be the first site doing an interview with All Cashback Casino that launched last week. We had the pleasure to have discussion alongside Julian Moses, head of partners for All Cashback Casino. Julian explains about their name, how their new cashback casino started and gave us some clues about future plans for the newly launched business concept that we really believe in. See the inside tips about why really rocks with All Cashback Casino in the replies below..

1. I’m a big cashback lover and the name instantly gives some great signals of trust and relevance. How did you guys come up with the name?
Answer: The name allcashback rises with knowing the fact players love promos & sales as an incentive to play. So cashback, above all, is the ideal status for players to get cashback on the amount that you thought or planned to play with.

2. Cashback is becoming more popular lately. Is that why you joined the sector of cashback casinos or what is the reason behind all the rewards to your players?
Reply: Cashback for the players is increasing the number of games and at the same time increasing the odds of the player to win, we want winnings for players therfore the cashback incentive is much higher & sufficient for the player than 10 promo with all the respect.

3. How difficult has it been setting up a cashback casino?
Answer: We been in the industry for quit a long time, so our team gathered is all experience & knowledge in order to build such a unique brand. Some things are yet difficult but we don’t stop here and keep on building and creating new things for players.

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" Treating all players like VIPs with frequent cashback bonuses."

NOTE: All Cashback Casino does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

4. Currently, there are over 1000 slots and a lot of table games and live casino offers at All CashBack Casino. In total, an amazing 27 game developers from start. We are big fans of Lucky Streak, Booming and NoLimit. Have you got any favourite games or developers yourself?

Reply: We combined from those 2, learning a lot from the big guys & striving to get bigger than them

5. You guys got one of the best cashback rewards among online casinos. Can you explain a bit how it works and the main benefits to go with All CashBack Casino instead of another brand?
Answer: Our main relative advantage on competitors is that every deposit gains you more to play with automatically & we are a new brand in the field that operates with this strategy to bring players more value.

6. Would you ever offer any no deposit free spins on All Cashback Casino?
Reply: we are going to try more promotions in the future also 50 FS is in plan, one of our goals is to look for players that embracing one shop so we need to be prepared with new features & sales.
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7. Currently, its only possible to deposit and withdraw with VISA and MasterCard. Comparing with most other brands, it’s rather few. Have you not had time to add additional to the website yet, or is it simply because you start with the main ones? Which are likely to be added within the next months?
Answer: We started with the main one that are consensus worldwide, at this point we work really hard to integrate specific payment methods that are popular to the relevant country we join

8. Are your players clearly aware about how cashback and wagering works? Have you got any plans how to describe it even clearer in the future?
Reply: sure, the total welcome package is a must & players don’t sleep until they redeem their bonuses , also we have onboarding that is explain very clear what is need to be done

9. Can you explain to our visitors whos behind the All Cashback Casino brand? How come it was created in the first place?
Answer: The company behind, Tall Mountain, have a lot of brands so going into cashback was mandatory.

10. What can players expect from All Cashback if they stay around for a long time and become VIPs?
Reply: I prefer not to talk & let everyone to do their job. However only good things will stick to the players that will stay for the long run with us.

11. What was your biggest winner so far in 2019?
Answer: Prefer to forget. We had a lot of huge winners over 50k from slots this year.

12. Are you planning any tournaments or other activities to attract new customers?
Reply: of course we do also live tournaments stay tuned

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" Treating all players like VIPs with frequent cashback bonuses."

NOTE: All Cashback Casino does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

13. How do you think the market for cashback and no wagering casinos will develop in 2020? Will any regulations affect operators already next year?
Answer: Regulations will affect and get more ramified, unfortunately. But we must stay strong & reinvent ourselves every day

14. Make a guess: How many new no wagering casinos do you estimate will launch in 2020?
Reply: LOL, not many. It takes a solid blueprint to operate in this kind of business. My guess is between 7 and 9 new no wagering casino brands. replies: Wow, that few. We believe in a great deal more new entrants. But perhaps many will be exclusive casino deals first, before major brands understand the importance of fair and low wagering requirements.

15. Make a guess: How many cashback casinos do you estimate will launch in 2020?
Answer: I would guess between 10 and 20 new casino back casinos in 2020. I already know 2 more for sure

16. Before we end the interview: In what areas do you think All Cashbach Casino excels, and what areas do will you improve in 2020?
Reply: I think its too early to determine after one month of operation however we got huge feedback from the Italian crowd, our main goal is to improve every day so that in 2020 we will see Allcashback in all around EU & AU hoping to see LATAM & chine opening their gates to us

17. Will you guys been trying to get a UK license in the near future?
Answer: Of course we do, it a goal we have yet to complete. The process takes very long. Still trying though so hopefully after Christmas or during spring 2020. Let’s see when we can welcome the British no wagering players.

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