When the online casino market started in the late 90’s, there were no wagering required. When Microgaming and the other big software developer, Cryptologic, were going live in 1995 – people didn’t even think about wagers. All was new and interesting, but a bit complicated. You had to download the software in order to play on any online casino and the Internet connection could be an issue. The average broadband speed was less than 50 kb/second worldwide, not 11.3 MB/sec as Seasia say it is today and you really had to wait for the programs to load in order to play.

All the small bonuses, unusually maximum 200 USD or EUR, was given out wager free. The number of games were limited and often concentrated among classic poker games and software from a few major developers with rather boring games. Then we look forward to another 10 years and an explosion of online casinos happened. This was until the US introduced the unlawful internet gambling enforcement act which prohibited Americans from playing online in 2006. Overnight, most Americans were gone from playing casino and the market for non wagering casino bonuses changed, while European countries took the lead in almost everything related to the accessibility of online gambling for consumers. In fact, there were so many new entrants in the coming years and so much opportunities and abuse in the UK, that casino operators were looking into high wagers in order to make sure to always make a big chunk of profit – with minimum effort. The high wagering period was here, the first period where players truly refine their search for casino brands.

The high wagering period: 2006-2016

After years of low casino wagerings, it was time for a change. Casino operators couldn’t handle some of the abuse and had to be more sophisticated in order to tackle the few players that tried to take advantage of fair bonuses. They started to implement restrictions on the number of accounts that could be created from each household, each IP and many other rules that were only there to prevent abuse. When more and more players started to win, they decided to have their marketing team making their sites fantastic – but with high wagers. You had access to 1000’s of games from 30+ developers, but with crap wagering. The good old non wagering trends were gone and the new era started and lasted for around a decade. It meant that online slots were harder to win at for new players. Many simply said: Let’s forget the bonuses and play where we can withdraw the winnings immediately without having to care about wagers or no wagers. Let’s make it fun again, without bonuses.

The casino cashback period: 2016-

Since 2016, online casinos started to realise that smart and long terms players that are in it for both the fun and rewards will usually go with a cashback casino. There are not so many out there yet, but our predictions are that within 1 year, many more will enter this rewarding market. How does it work? Well, with a cashback on an online casino you will get your money back if you loose. Honestly: Can it be better?

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The no bonus period: 2017-2019

Many players got less than they expected from their casino bonus. The whole bonus element was skewed since many don’t even like bonuses because of the ridiculous trends for wagering. So many players simply decided to not use bonuses. Let the suckers use bonuses, while we can avoid it unless the rules are fair.

“No wagering casinos OR no bonus at all, is what many players expects!”

Eventually, the seasoned no bonus players put pressure on operators to create better sites with fairer rules, the top no wagering casino sites. A new era was about to start.

The no wagering period: 2019-

An increasing number of casino operators are now realising that players that see too high bonuses simply don’t sign up with them. More and more players online read terms and conditions or at least look it up before accepting a bonus. One way to give the players a better bonus is to add no wagering free spins on the bonus. Another one is to lower the overall wager requirement on a match bonus, that could still be 100% and the higher the better. We are working hard to find the most suitable casinos for you guys and our mission is to make all conditions better for the players. Period.

Predicted non wagering trends 2020
No Wagering Casino expect the market to get more and more trends among players. One of them is the non wagering casino bonuses, which starts to pop up by exclusive bonuses and through lower wagers that finally reach zero again.

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" Treating all players like VIPs with frequent cashback bonuses."

NOTE: All Cashback Casino does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

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