NoWagering had the pleasure to get to interview Mary Ivanova from Nomini’s cashback casino. They got one of our most popular cashback casino sites and it’s very easy to get started there. All you need to do in order to get cashback all the time on your deposits is to select the raspberry bonus during sign-up!

1. Your site is very colourful and “fruity” to say the least. Where did they get the inspiration from with this fruit theme?
Answer: 7StarsPartners are happy to have a very creative Design Team consisting of professionals who always have fresh and innovative ideas, moreover, Nominis sister brand – Malina Casino turned out to be a great success that inspired us to create something even bigger!

Nomini Weekly bonuses2. Cashback is becoming increasingly popular. Is that why you have it as only of your many bonus alternatives? Which other bonuses are popular among your players?
Mary says: Nowadays, the new online casino world is changing at a fast pace. A few years ago no deposit bonuses were the most popular promotions among players, but now we see that clients prefer cashback without wagers to deposit or no deposit bonuses. So of course, we do our best to keep up with the ever-changing casino environment and offer high-quality service. Whats more, besides a cashback bonus, Nomini Casino also offers other six welcome bonuses (seven all together): See all promotions here, says Mary!

Note from NoWagering: No Wagering Casino only recommends the raspberry bonus, that gives you endless casino cashback.

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3. How difficult has it been setting up a casino with cashback promotions?
Mary replies: If customers are happyall difficulties are worth it. We are over the moon to see what a blockbuster Nomini Casino is among a variety of markets.

NoWagering’s opinion: We really appreciate how you view it. That you guys are ready to do anything for the players. Over time, I’m sure this will result in way more returning customers that say longer and less complaints. Well said.

4. Currently, there are over 1500 slots from 35 developers at All CashBack Casino. Have you got any favourite games or developers yourself?
Mary says: Nomini Casino offers titles from nearly 40 iGaming software providers. Among them are giants like Netent, Quickspin, Microgaming, which, actually, are my two favorites.

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" Over 4500 games to play with no wagering all day! Select a yummy fruit, then enjoy the pursuit."

NOTE: Nomini does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

5. You guys got a very unique casino cashback rewards. Select the “Raspberry” and get 10% up to 200 EUR, on any game. Most other operators force you to take the bonus on one particular game. You allow all. How come?
Mary says: The goal of Nomini Casino is to meet the needs of players with different casino preferences and make them all happy. For Nomini Casino customers choice play the most important role. We are offering a selection of 7 welcome bonuses and we don’t restrict them with only one game which they can spend their cashback on. Any game is allowed. Its fantastic, isn’t it!?

NoWagering’s refections: It is. Nomini is the only brand that I know of having the option to use the no wagering bonus on any game!

6. Would you ever offer any no deposit free spins on Nomini?
She replies: Nomini Casino offers 7 welcome bonuses to suit everyones taste, they consist of cashback and deposit bonuses: Nomini’s current promotions.

Note: The raspberry bonus is way better according to our team, so just select that one!

Raspberry bonus terms and conditions
7. Are your players clearly aware about how cashback and wagering work? Have you got any plans how to describe it even clearer in the future?
Reply: Definitely! We have T&C for each bonus, moreover our multilingual support team is happy to answer any questions 24/7. Transparency is one of our biggest values!

8. Can you explain to our visitors whos behind the Nomini? How come it was created in the first place?
Mary says: We are a team of more than 200 people who are passionate about what we do and we all aim to achieve great results, so we will keep surprising our customers with promo campaigns and great service.

9. What can players expect from Nomini if they stay around for a long time and become VIPs?
Mary replies: We are treating all Nomini Casino customers as VIPs – each client is important for us because clients are the foundation of our business .

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10. What has been your biggest winner so far in 2019?
Quick to reply: We already had one lucky guy who won more than 200k EUR, says Mary with a big smile.

Editors reply: For real? That’s a crazy amount to win. Imagine waking up the next day with 200k extra in your pocket..

11. Are you having any tournaments or other activities to attract new customers?
Mary says: Of course, we have a whole team working on promotions and tournaments so that customers at Nomini can enjoy the best online casino experience ever!

12. How do you think the market for cashback and no wagering casinos will develop in 2020? Will any regulations affect operators already next year?
Her reply: I think cashback bonuses and the best no wagering casinos will have a bright future and players can expect more and more brands with zero wager requirements will be launched.

13. Make a guess: How many new no wagering casinos do you estimate will launch in 2020?
Reply: I have no clue, but I think around four times more than they were launched in 2019.

NoWagering’s comment: Wow, thet’s a bold guess. 30 plus then in 2020. I think you are having the most accurate guess so far Mary!

14. Make a guess: How many cashback casinos do you estimate will launch in 2020?
Mary says: My prediction would be the same as the one I made with the no wagering casinos

NoWagering’s reflection: Ok, so you think it will be a strong growth for both cashback casinos and no wagering brands. I think so too!

15. Before we end the interview: In what areas do you think Nomini excels, and what areas do will you improve in 2020?
Reply: I think Nomini Casino will start operation in more markets like Japan and LATAM. It will broaden Nomini’s reach and take the service level even further.

NoWagering’s thoughts: Interesting. Sounds like two good choices. Japan will likely be rather different and complicated, but it could be a huge success also. (Ps. The original author used to be a English teacher in Japan before starting with No Wagering Casino!)

16. Will you guys been trying to get a UK license in the near future?
Answer: We are planning to obtain a few more licenses in the nearest future – a UK license is on our to-GET-list too.

NoWagering’s reply: Glad to hear, seems like your team is very ambitious. I bet all new players will enjoy Nomini as well as your current clients.

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" Over 4500 games to play with no wagering all day! Select a yummy fruit, then enjoy the pursuit."

NOTE: Nomini does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

Ps. An alternative to cashback is otherwise low wagering casinos. But Nomini is definitely one of our most popular sites, for good reasons.

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