No Wagering Casino had the pleasure to get an fresh, in-depth interview with Krystal Tsiattalos, head of sales and marketing at Play Ojo.

Here we ask her lots of questions what Play Ojo stands for, how they handle their bonuses, their future plans and why players should care about their rewards such as OjoSpins, OjoWheel and OjoPlus. Continue to read an interesting review with Play Ojo Casino, that take low wagering to a new level.

1. Play Ojo is a great name that’s easy to remember. How did you guys come up with the “Ojo” part of it?
Answer: We wanted a name that was totally unrelated to casinos and gambling, something fun and memorable that really rolled off the tongue. So, we totally put aside words like Lucky, Vegas, Spins and Slots, we went with PlayOJO the fun kid on the block.

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2. Wager free casinos are becoming increasingly popular the last two years. Is that why you joined the sector? What is so unique about PlayOjo?
Reply: We believe that weve played a big role in setting the bar for a fairer and more transparent industry, hence why we are seeing more and more casinos that are following suit. We recognized long before this movement that there were shortfalls relating to these issues. With our fairness implementation, we believe that weve created a great situation for both our players needs as well as for the industry as a whole a much fairer online casino experience.

3. How difficult has it been setting up a “fair” no wagering casino with no bullshit? Is it anything else you guys are “missing”?
Answer: The hardest initial challenge was getting players and partners to accept this new concept, but now that everyones onboard, we have no complaints. Theres nothing that we feel is missing, but were always working on new concepts and ideas to keep improving ourselves. The only way is up!

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4. Currently, there are over 1000 slots and a lot of table games and live casino offers at PlayOjo. Have you got any favourite games or developers yourself?
Krystal replies: We currently host over 3,000 slots alone. Popular hits include Book of Dead, Starburst, Bonanza, Gonzos Quest and Rainbow Riches. Were loving the Daily Jackpot games from Red Tiger and PlayOJO has promoted our own Daily Jackpot games that advertise our minimum of 瞿10k guaranteed daily prize. We currently have over 15 Daily Jackpot games to play and theyve been hugely popular.

No Wagering’s reply: Wow, that’s a massive amount. Must be hard to NOT find a game you like in there.

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" No wagers. No maximum winnings. Enjoy!"

NOTE: Play Ojo Casino does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

Play Ojo - No Wagering, No Bull5. You guys got claims to have one of the fairest casinos around. Can you explain a bit how it works, why it’s so fair and the main benefits to go with PlayOjo instead of another online casino?
Answer: Sure. You see, we thought it was about time that players received a fair and transparent online casino experience, so we created a brand that offers them a range of benefits that they wont find combined elsewhere. Firstly, all wins and bonuses at PlayOJO are paid in cash and with no restrictions. We dont offer too-good-to-be-true bonuses, just real prizes with real rewards that you can take out any time you like. PlayOJO is also a completely wagering-free environment. You never need to wager any of your winnings. Theres also no max win limit which means that the sky is basically the limit when it comes to winning. Theres no win too big and you can cash it all out in one go if thats what you wish to do. If thats not incentive enough, you also get money back on every bet, whether you win or lose its our one-of-its kind OJOplus feature where you earn money back every time you play. To top it all off, we have more recently introduced no withdrawal limits to our pool of incentives, so you can withdraw as little as you like. So like I said, you may find other casinos that are starting to offer a no wagering environment, but only PlayOJO offers this mass of other benefits altogether under one roof.

6. Would you ever offer any no deposit free spins?
Answer: No, we dont have any plans to offer no-deposit Free Spins. The fact that we already provide our players an environment where all our wins and bonuses are paid in cash with no restrictions as well as being free from wagering requirements, it certainly balances out the need for no-deposit spins. Saying that, as an OJOer there are often opportunities to grab extra no-deposit spins on the side, with features like the OJO Wheel which gives players the chance to win guaranteed Free Spins the more they play at the casino, the more free OJO wheel spins theyll accumulate.

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7. Are your players clearly aware about how OjoSpins, OjoWheel and OjoPlus works? Please enlight our visitors about the great advantages with those unique features.
Answer: We are always educating our players about PlayOJOs unique selling points, from the moment they sign up with such beneficial features, we want to shout them from the rooftop! The OJO Wheel works with a level system. You can see which level number youre at once youre logged in by looking at the OJO face above your balance. Every time the yellow outline works its way around the OJO face, youve made it another level. When you reach certain levels, youll be treated to an OJO wheel spin where you get to spin one of 3 wheels, each with different rewards and risks. The more you play, the more you will be rewarded so its a great incentive to come back to each time a bit like a store loyalty card. The money you get back on every bet, win or lose thats called OJOplus money and it sits in its own OJOplus account. You can top up your regular OJO account anytime with your earned OJOplus money, at the click of a button, so its like money you find in the bottom of your pocket always a nice surprise, right?

8. Can you explain to our visitors whos behind the Play Ojo Casino? Why did you guys start it?
Answer: We have the almighty SkillOnNet behind PlayOJO and theyre one of the biggest casino software providers in the world. Why did we start PlayOJO? Anticipating the changes that were coming with regulations, we decided to create a casino that incorporated all that was expected: total transparency, no heavy T&Cs that usually come with bonuses, fairness, transparency and newly-found control for players.

9. What can players expect from Play Ojo if they stay around for a long time and become VIPs?
Answer: We roll out the red carpet for our VIPs (OJOs A-Listers). They get their own dedicated A-Lister Account Manager, receive exclusive A-Lister promotions and we have been known to treat our very special A-Listers to events and excursions, such as concerts, trips abroad and music festivals.

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" No wagers. No maximum winnings. Enjoy!"

NOTE: Play Ojo Casino does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

10. What was your biggest winner so far in 2018 and 2019?
Answer: Weve had some really impressive wins, both last year and this year. In 2018 we had 2 jackpot wins in the space of a few weeks, each of them hitting the 瞿100k mark one of them was on the Mega Fortune slot and one was on Top Cat slot. This year, we made a millionaire out of one of our OJOers after a 瞿1,105,735 win on Starburst slot.

Comment by No Wagering: Not bad. Hope we see many more lucky players at Play Ojo going forward.

11. Are you planning any tournaments or other activities to attract new customers?
Answer: Yes, were actually really excited about a tournament (spinoff) promotion that will be running over the Christmas/New Year period. Its called Come Fly with us and it will be paying out a total prize pool of over 瞿100,000 over the 5 weeks it will be running. Some of the top prizes include all-inclusive luxury trips for 2 to travel hot-spots like Jamaica, Thailand and Costa Rica. You can find out more about the Play Ojo Holiday and sign-up to win!

Reply from No Wagering: Fantastic trip. Give it a try, we will! Alternatively, check out our exclusive casino bonuses to find the optimal deals right now.

12. How do you think the market for cashback and no wagering casinos will develop in 2020? Will any regulations affect operators already next year?
Answer: This remains to be seen and is very hard to predict. There have been so many changes to the market so far that its hard to know what more, if any will be coming our way. Hopefully more and more casinos will adopt a no wagering policy and we can be rid of standard wagering rules, which will in turn create a more fun and transparent ethos for the industry.

No Wagering’s comment: Luckily, we’ve seen a few hot cashback casinos already this year. Looking forward to many more launching within short.

13. Make a guess: How many new no wagering casinos do you estimate will launch in 2020?
Answer: To take a guess I would say 20 but probably only a couple of really quality ones because it is a tough concept to get right and do well.

Reply by No Wagering: Really, so few great no wagering casinos? I believe many more will be launched, but lets see.

14. Will you guys been trying to get a US, Spanish or Portuguese license in the near future?
Answer: We are all very excited to be taking the OJO experience to Spain in the very near future and who knows where else well be spreading the OJO goodness? Watch this space.

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