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If there’s any company that epitomizes every aspect of its building blocks of the gaming industry, then its Baum Games. This company was built on the same factors that formed the gaming industry. These factors include passion, hard work, and innovation. Baum games is a Romanian brand that came into existence in 1993 and has been building its way to the top using these mentioned factors.

Basic Facts

Corporate name: Baum Games
Location: C. BAUM SRL Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, 49 Dumbraveni, Sibiu Rom璽nia
Founded: 1993
Employees: 250-500 employees
Games: More than 40
Call them at: +40 269 865893
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Rivals: Epic Games, Riot Games. Rockstar, KIXEYE, NYX Gaming Group, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, and Team17
Popular games: Dracula on Forty, Asian Treasure, Irish Fruits, Rise of Maya, The Musketeers, The Gypsies

How could Baum gaming be introduced?

Baum gaming is a Romanian brand casino that is no stranger to the world of gambling. They have built their brand on innovation and creativity and made their products define the gaming experience for its players. Most of their games offer players a tremendous gaming experience together with ample offers on RTP.

Baum started as a game cabinet manufacturer but later shifted its focus to developing online casino games while building its portfolio. Though they’ve been hardworking and developing quality games, they’re yet to be recognized for their efforts, which will undoubtedly change in the coming years.

In the last century of the company’s existence, they’ve made available several high-quality games. The company operates from a wide regional area and not only in Romania. Their services spread across the country’s boundaries into other continents such as Africa, North America, and South America.

Why consider Baum for your online slots?

The Baum Games Slots acts as a symbol of the Romanian Casino staples, and they’re the reason why most people love their games. It talks about the rich history of the Romanians and exposes their history to non-native players. Their slots also come with a familiar outlook that gives players quality graphics, design, and their favorite themes altogether in one package.

What does Baum stand for?

Baum has a character model built by the company to define its player’s gaming experience. They offer an immersive gaming experience with considerable returns to players. They’re also one of the brands that compete with the high standards of the industry by proving their worth with creativity and innovation.

Why would you like to play at Baum?

Baum games offer its players lots of benefits such as 20, 000 credits on maximum bet depending on the denominating factor. Their slots have a stop-all-reel feature that stops the reels from spinning, thereby reducing the player’s game time. Their Roulette games have an auto-play and turbo play mode, and all a player’s winnings can be transferred to credits. These are to mention a few.

How is Baum different?

Baum Gaming has a different style to its competitors. The features and interface of their games are unique to the brand. Their games feature a lot of Romanian history and icons that keep their players in touch with the founding fathers’ past. They also made their games compact to reach the modern standard of the industry, offering security and stability to the player.

Where can Baum improve?

It has been noted that most of their games are limited to the Romanian location, which secludes other players from partaking in the rich history of Romania. Even with their vast portfolio of games, they lack a prominent online presence to push their games worldwide. This is not good for a brand looking to go international, except they want to remain a local brand.

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