Have you ever realised that the reward from a no wager casino could be similar to a smart chess strategy? While looking at some of the best games of chess played at FICGS, we decided to compare what really differs between chess and casino games. For simplicity, we have assumed casino games to be conducted on slots with RTP of 95% or higher. For many people, mixing between chess and slots can be a great interruption that clears your mind with something quite different. The comparison between casino and chess show
many similarities and here we try to give casino players reasons to try chess and all table game players to consider slots for a break and to get inspirations. Let’s start..


1. Patience is a virtue
Both games require you to relax but at the same time, but patient and not stress about anything. Dive into the game of your choice and enjoy it. Neither chess, nor online casino games will work well without a lot of patience. Eventually, your lack of patience may result in weakness which can lead to a loss. Our best advice how to stay patient include a lot of sleep the night before, focus on your what you are up to right now and last but not least – take lots of deep breaths during the journey.

2. Strategies to win
Without any wagering requirements to keep in mind for your strategy, life gets way easier as a casino player. Still, you need a strategy for which games to play. Our recommendation is to only select either slots with incredible high RTP (Return To Player) such as Starburst and Y or by playing blackjack. When you are winning big, like we hear many of our customers do on online slots, it’s crucial to stop and bring home the profit. The strategy to not overplay can be applied for chess as well. You need to be fresh and alert in order to play at your best. Don’t start playing when you are half asleep or when it feels like going to bed. Just wait until next day instead in that case. For all progressive slots, make sure to bet enough in order to be eligible for jackpot payouts. Start small and careful and slowly increase in order to win big is a strategy that can work in both chess and online slots.

For chess you always need to have a good strategy in place than can easily be adjusted, in case you opponent do something unpredictable. But even then, you need to have a strategy and be able to turn around with a wild counter attack or simply moving forward towards your goal, where the opponent least expect it. There are 1000’s of strategies in both games, so read up on them and start enjoying whatever you may play.

3. All languages work and none are needed!
If your homework is done, no language is needed when playing either on any online casino or in chess. In fact, you are not supposed to talk. All you need to know are the rules. Put on some good music or simply enjoy the environment where you play. Above you see one American player and one Russian player that simply don’t speak fluently in the other persons language. Still they can enjoy a good game of chess. Same is true for low wagering casino sites, no language skills are needed. Either if it’s a English site or a German one, you just need to hit the play button to get started and can enjoy the game regardless of languages.

4. Luck never hurts
Regardless of where you are and which game you play, luck never hurts. While the odds for winning might fluctuate a bit more in chess depending on your opponent and what data you got about them, the probability of winning at online slots are often over 98% for the top games. But regardless of how much advantage you got, a bit of luck at the right time never hurts.

5. It’s fun – or do something else!
Take a break. Change from chess to slots or vice versa. When something is not really enjoyable, try a different game for a while. It might get you to see all the advantages of the first game you played or might even add dimensions or new strategies to it. Always take breaks from your favourite game, may it be chess, poker, slots or some kind of table games. When you get time to think about coming back to the table agin, it might be a great motivation. In either case, just play when you think it’s fun. There are many other things in life in case you don’t enjoy it at the moment.

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1. Chess players look at the 3 P’s while Slot players look at RTP
Skills in chess can be assessed by the so called 3 P’s: Performance, prediction and profiling. Those are at least some of main factors deciding if you will win or loose an upcoming game on the world chess championship.

Yvette winning at Starburst from home
2. Different kicks when “winning” ..
While it might be more exciting with flashing lights, jackpots worth millions and positive melodies when winning on casinos, the feeling might be a bit different in chess. Here, it’s mostly about the honour and the price money is rather mediocre in comparison to what you can be rewarded with when playing slots. However, both kicks from winning several million euro from slots and from winning a huge tournament arrange by xxxxxx

3. Table games vs chess – more counting vs more strategy
The main difference with table games practice for black jack versus chess are maybe not always so clear? For chess players, a mentor can make all the difference according to this post at Fide. For table games, it’s mostly about learning to count the cards properly and be able to keep track of your current probabilities to win.

4. Age matters18+ logo
As long as you are over 18 years old, you can play both on no wagering casinos. However, for chess you can be any age. There is simply no limit.

5. Skill assessment vs Return To Player (RTP)
The main factor to win in chess is obviously practice and reading up on the counterpart you are about to meet. You can never assess and profile the skills enough, according to a ResearchGate’s paper by K.W Regan from University of Buffalo and Guy McCrossan Haworth from University of Reading called A Comparative Review of Skill Assessment: Performance, Prediction and Profiling.

Dr Mehedy Masud from United Arab Emirates University claims to have created a system that can predict accuracies close to 66% probability if white is winning or the black is winning a game of chess. Highest accuracy for his prediction system comes when 9 moves or less are left.

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" Over 4500 games to play with no wagering all day! Select a yummy fruit, then enjoy the pursuit."

NOTE: Nomini does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

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