Play at online casinos can be exciting, but also dangerously risky if selecting the wrong site. The biggest issue for many players that’s rarely taken into consideration is the wagers you have to do when signing up for a new brand. With more and more cashback casinos, along with low wagering casinos, or even casinos that offer no wagering, there are plenty of options for those who understand the importance of sticking to reasonable wagers. What follows are the main reasons why we like to encourage gamblers to keep their bets reasonable and safe.

1. You need to test and trial online casinos to find the right one for you
If you are new to a casino, online or offline, you should be careful to avoid any traps, big blinds or hidden rules when betting. We recommend no wagering games or low wagering when you are trying out an online casino until you are sure you know how the site works and feel you are likely to make a profit on bigger bets. Looking into cashback casinos and low wagering casinos is a great place to start.

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2. Betting too high too quickly will mean you may blow your budget too quickly
An obvious tip perhaps, but too often people will get carried away during the game and keep raising their boots in the hopes of recuperating their losses. It’s important to take a step back from the game and evaluate your position over the course of the day: take note of what cards are appearing and try to make an informed decision when betting big.

3. Stick to smaller bets to reduce the risk of ending up in debt
Betting too much of your money can leave you in debt. But remember that, when gambling online, it can be even easoer to overspend with just a few clicks. It is a wise idea to create a budget for your gambling and set a monetary limit you are sure you can afford even if you do lose it all. Plus, if you have to max out your credit card, dip into your overdraft or take out a loan then remember the borrowing fees are likely to be high and will quickly start to deplete your bank balance still further into the red.

4. Remember that, when playing on new casinos online, you can very easy overspend
When you can quickly make wagers, increase your bets and play an unending amount of games day and night you can easily lose a lot of money very quickly. Take regular breaks from betting and evaluate your performance. Select a budget for yourself and go with sites that are reasonable, such as Boom Casino. Here, you can easily set your own limit for how much to play every month.

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NOTE: BoomCasino does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

5. Only bet what you can afford to lose
When you are playing a game like Poker, where bluffing can help you win big, it is very easy to think you are sure to win and try to muscle out your opposition. While this is often a good tactic it is not foolproof, so unless you are lucky enough to be holding a Royal Flush you best think again before you bet more money than you can afford to lose in one hand.

6. You are unlikely to come out on top every day
Try not to get frustrated if you are at a loss when reaching the end of the day. You should not expect to end every day on a win and trying to chase that win is an easy way to waste money on big bets. The low wagering games will continue tomorrow. So, take a break, relax and approach the table with new enthusiasm once you have rested and are in a clearer headspace.

7. Save bigger bets for special offers and bonuses
Many online casinos will have vouchers available online, better bonuses for beginners or special offers at different times of the day or week. Keep an eye on your inbox for any signs of new offers at your favourite casino and then, when you find a good deal, you can risk making larger bets with the extra money you receive from the special offers.

8. Focus on one type of game to improve your chances
Remember that just like everything, practicing games that require an element of skill will make you more likely to win. If you are new to gambling or are trying out a new casino, it is best to stick to one card game that you are competent at playing to avoid extra stress, confusion, and potential losses. A couple of games we would suggest for beginners are BlackJack or Roulette. Or simply go with a fair no wagering site like Boom Casino, that only give out and promote games with the highest RTPs in the industry.

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NOTE: BoomCasino does not allow players from United States, so instead please check out the best no wagering casinos that does allow players from United States.

9. Hedging your bets in some games means you reduce risk of losses
Hedging your bets is a betting strategy where you wager on a range of different outcomes. This involves placing bets on different potential options in one game to secure a guaranteed win of some description regardless of the final outcome of the bet. For example, hedge betting can be used to reduce your risk of losing when the first bets have been cast and the odds have shortened.

All gamblers enjoy the thrill of betting big, but taking a more measured approach to your bets is likely to help you make more money. Following this advice, avoiding brash bets and sticking to low wagering will help you stay safe and enjoy gambling as a practical career or part-time hobby.

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